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Where Greek Land Meets the Mediterranean

The Greek Thyrea team starts in Paralio Astros. A beautiful beachy village with a town and 20+ villages behind it in the mountains. Olive orchards. Horta. And a rich cuisine.

Meraki People have already been busy transforming the mindset of Greece. And now they embrace others with their Blue Hearts. Mapping water flows, species, and human interventions. Inspiring locals with the resulting education.

Their dreams are wild and beautiful. Healthy food, feed, fertilizers, and fibers. Fashion? Cosmetics? Paper? Microbial plastics that are strong during the lifespan and biodegradable afterward?

Of course, the area has to be careful with tourism clashes and horizon pollution. So, the first Greek/international technical team has been exploring the idea of autonomous offshore seaweed platforms using satellites and checked by divers and citizen science.

The future is blue. And Meraki. Producers with a (blue) heart...


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