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Mission Ocean Is Fully Alive

On June 15th, the Digital Ocean Forum will take place. And of course, as ocean, river, and water lovers we care.

Experts, policymakers, and interested citizens come together to support the co-design and co-creation of the European Digital Twin of the Ocean (EU DTO).

We'll address challenges such as the marine implications of climate change and biodiversity loss. We examined how the DTO can aid in policymaking and decision-making to promote a sustainable blue economy. We deliberated on societal and ethical considerations.

This key enabler to our Mission Ocean deserves our full attention. Therefore we invite all who have a Blue Heart to join us in our mission. To immerse ourselves in the waters of digital twins and nature-based solutions.

The Blue Dataverse is being created now in plain sight of all. And the Blue Hearts DAO, and citizen-science app, are being developed as we speak.

We do our bit. Join Us in our tribe of water lovers!

Water is the biggest changemaker of our century.


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