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The Blue Hearts Network

We are a global group of Ocean lovers, activists, divers, aqua farmers, sailors or simply sympathisants keeping the blue cause close to their hearts. We unite to protect the endangered maritime ecosystems and biodiversity with citizen science, mapping and coastal reforestation projects. The BlueHearts network is empowered by people & technology.

Citizenscience is very powerful and welcome help in data collection around maritime ecosystems and biodiversity. It is also a social network with mainly volunteers supporting the same cause and carrying the same ideology.

We are landing the Blue Heart token as a reward system to incentivise and stimulate citizen science. BlueHeart tokens can be earned by contributing to marine data collection and reforestation actions. Our charter explains.

BlueHeart tokens can be redeemed within the growing global BlueHearts network. And we leave no-one behind.

If your heart is blue - Join us.

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